Posted November 2, 2020

PERSEPHONE project is progressing as expected, where most of its outcomes have been successfully delivered.

Both the PERSEPHONE Platform and the PERSEPHONE mobile app are successfully deployed (1st release), equipping its users (such as building occupants) with a powerful tool aiming at increasing their overall awareness regarding their energy consumption, while supporting  them in adopting more energy conscious lifestyles.

Built on state-of-the-art technologies the PERSEPHONE Personalised Mobile Application interacts directly with the PERSEPHONE Platform, to successfully deliver its designed functionalities, and receives all the necessary data for the realization of its operations, such as visualization of energy statistics, recommendations and apartment/office information.

The main scope of the PERSEPHONE Personalised Mobile Application is to enable the better ecological awareness through an enhanced understanding of their energy behaviour. As a result, the users may enjoy energy and cost savings, while benefiting the environment.

The PERSEPHONE Personalized mobile application is built on state-of-the-art technologies  and the main functionalities offered to its end-users are listed below:

  1. Visualization of room-specific aggregated information related to the rooms’ ambient conditions
  2. Visualization of room-specific aggregated information related to the rooms’ assigned devices
  3. Visualization of user’s comfort preferences
  4. Recommendations provision based on user’s energy behaviour
  5. Visualizations of personalized energy consumption information
  6. Visualization of personalised performance, related to user’s set targets
  7. User management facilitation