Posted July 1, 2019

PERSEPHONE project aims to design, provide and validate an innovative energy-aware IT ecosystem that can be easily deployable and applicable in small offices and houses, for motivating end-users’ behavioural changes towards the adoption of energy efficient lifestyle.

Building upon the evolvements in the Internet of Things, Data Modelling and Analysis and Recommendation and Gamification eras, PERSEPHONE will develop a mobile application and a game targeted at providing energy related information, to end users, triggering interaction with relevant users, thus increasing their awareness on ways to achieve energy consumption savings in their daily activities and adopt energy efficient lifestyles based on a set of recommendations and motives targeted to their culture and comfort zone. Additionally the proposed framework will support personalized behavioural analysis and consumption disaggregation, to provide individuals with tailor made efficiency insights and motives to adopt greener behaviours.

The project supports automated and homogeneous data collection and management through the aggregation of data streams generated from sensor networks and smart meters, as well as through the retrieval of data from mobile crowd sensing activities and their mapping to well-defined semantic models.

Validation and evaluation of the developed mechanisms and tools will take place in real life activities of energy consumers, through a set of trials in one pilot site (small office) located in Limassol, Cyprus; based on a detailed plan, specific scenarios and methodology along with well-defined performance indicators.