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PERSEPHONE Newsletter 2nd Issue - November 2020,

                                                                                        Posted November 2, 2020

PERSEPHONE project is progressing as expected, where most of its outcomes have been successfully delivered. Both the PERSEPHONE Platform and the PERSEPHONE mobile app are successfully deployed (1st release), equipping its users (such as  building occupants) with a powerful tool aiming at increasing their overall awareness regarding their energy consumption, while supporting  them in adopting more energy conscious lifestyles....

PERSEPHONE Newsletter 1st Issue - July 2019,

                                                                                                Posted July 1, 2019

PERSEPHONE project aims to design, provide and validate an innovative energy-aware IT ecosystem that can be easily deployable and applicable in small offices and houses, for motivating end-users’ behavioural changes towards the adoption of energy efficient lifestyle. Building upon the evolvements in the Internet of Things, Data Modelling and Analysis and Recommendation and Gamification eras, PERSEPHONE will develop a mobile application and a game targeted at providing energy related information, to end users, triggering interaction with relevant users, thus ....

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